With Special Thanks...

We are paddling 6100 miles, having the adventure of a lifetime and hoping to benefit a great cause, pediatric brain cancer research. Without the help of so many amazing friends, this would not be possible.
You all have a special place in our hearts and we thank you so very much!

Stellar Kayaks, specifically Dave Thomas. Thank you so much for building a very special boat for Joe, for your advise, personal support and encouragement and all the technical support along the way. We can't thank you enough for your extreme generosity.

Cathy Franks, thank you for being my #1 best supporter. For always being there for me no matter how crazy my next adventure sounds to you. You are not only my best sister, you are my best friend.
Love ya, Joe

Also a huge thank you from me, your friendship and support mean so much to me!
Big hugs, Peggy

Walt Kutzavitch, thank you for offering to put your life on hold by agreeing to drive the truck and pull our home away from home so we can have a good meal, a warm place to sleep (whenever it works) and two friendly faces to greet us.

Dan and Melody Zellner, thank you for the encouragement and offering to help in any way you can.....Bro, you may be sorry you worded it that way.

Vincent Paul, thank you for sharing your expertise in web design. We are thankful for your help and so pleased with the look you gave 2paddling5. On our own, we never would have been able to create such an amazing site.

Mark Jacobi, thank you for your friendship and help. For offering to meet us along the route to cheer us on, paddle with us or even pull the camper if needed.

Mark Dipasquale and Karen Mattson, thank you for your generous financial support and also for a friendship that has no limit!

Ramona Asher, thank you for offering to join us and paddle or pull the camper. For always being willing to listen and offer advise when needed, your friendship is appreciated more than you know.

My family, thank you to my kids and grandkids for supporting my desire to wander and for cheering me on.
I love you all, Mom

Karen Howe, thank you for encouraging me, allowing me to take an extended leave and holding my position for me till I return. To all of my friends at the Siren General Store for covering for me, you are the best!

Robert and Marilyn Blake, for your off of joining us and taking a turn at driving the truck and pulling the camper if needed. We appreciate your support so much.

Peggy Pierrepont, thank you for always being a great friend...never farther than a phone call away.  Thank you so much for the Luci solar lights, they will be invaluable to us during our adventure.  Paddling Peggy is very excited about the romantic flickering candlelight mode.