Kayak Journey Update: 7/17/17

Northern Lake Michigan near Seul Choix Lighthouse. View of grassy beach and rough waters with a blue sky.

July 10 we woke up to a very soggy mess, last nights rain was incredible. Very heavy morning fog which gave us a later than intended start. Made a 2 1/2 mile crossing in the fog, Joe was fine with it but I really didn’t like it. Stopped for lunch and as always this time…

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Kayak Journey Update: 7/10/17

Rock Island State Park sunset with kayaks on shore.

We are back! I’m sure you all heard about the abrupt halt to our paddling adventure due to the truck being totaled. We got all the insurance issues cleared up and even got a new truck. We are paddling unsupported. No road crew or truck and camper, just Joe and I with our Kayaks. We…

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