Kayak Journey Update: 4/29/17

Norwood Michigan shore.

This week has been an absolute pleasure. We had some great water time, not all calm and easy but productive. We started at the bridge in Mackinaw City, setting out in stirred up waters and assumed it would get better. As always, we made a left turn and things go a bit more interesting. We…

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Kayak Journey Update: 4/11/17

Snow on truck with kayaks on rack.

The past week has had its ups and downs, last Thursday we had rain that turned to snow and wind that riled up the lake and kept us inside. We made slight adjustments to Joe’s boat from the comfort of a hotel, they let us bring the boat inside. Friday the snow was gone but…

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Lunch on the Shore of Lake Huron

2 Paddling 5 lunch on a kayak.

This is what lunch looks like, you would be amazed at how good a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly tastes after paddling 20 miles. Our new friend here is Jim, he came out to greet us and chat…he also offered to keep Izzy for the remainder of our journey. I’m sure she would have…

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Minor Adjustments

Joe in hotel.

No campgrounds open yet so we have been hotel hopping. We needed to make a few adjustments to Joe’s boat and the hotel was kind enough to let us bring the boat in and work where it’s warm and dry. The Gathering Place, where we are meeting new friends is a nice place to relax…

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