Joe Zellner and Peggy Gabrielson from 2 Paddling 5 on Marquette Park in Miller, Indiana.

Kayak Journey Update: 5/26/17

Kayaking onto the lake near Chicago, Illinois.Saturday the lake was still a mess so it was another tourist day. We visited Beverly Shores and drove by 5 houses that were built in Chicago for the 1933 Worlds Fair, Century of Progress. In 1935 4 of the houses were moved to the present location by barge and the 5th was dismantled and moved by truck. When in the area it’s worth driving by. We also visited the railroad depot, museum, gallery and gift shop. It was very interesting.

Sunday we tried to paddle but after 2 1/2 miles we called it quits, the wind and waves were terrible.

2 Paddling 5 posing next to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago sign in Chicago Illinois.Monday we visited the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago¬†that is receiving our donations in the name of pediatric brain cancer research. It is a true blessing for any family needing help. Please visit their site and check them out. They have created an atmosphere that allows patients to get the best of care and still have many of the comforts of home.

Tuesday we were back on the water and paddled from Waukegan to Chicago. We made 24 1/2 miles, good water but rain. Won’t complain, we were able to paddle.

Wednesday the lake was in a tizzy again. We went to Zion Illinois and visited a great little Mexican bakery. Everything was good without being over sweet. We were given 2 huge slices of chocolate cake for free. It was so good we bought 4 more to take home for dessert. Please visit them if you ever have the chance.

Cookout at the Kayak House in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.Thursday we were once again grounded but when were invited to a bonfire and cookout at the Kayak house in Pleasant Prairie WI. The owners, John and Brooke have been friends of Joe for a very long time. It was great fun and we met a few new people including a reporter from the Kenosha News.

Friday we were back on the water. It was smooth but the fog rolled in and we were only able to see about 50 yards a lot of the time. We paddled on anyway and made 26 miles. We made it to Racine Wisconsin.

Hoping for better progress next week.

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