Kayak Journey Update: 7/10/17

Rock Island State Park sunset with kayaks on shore.

We are back! I’m sure you all heard about the abrupt halt to our paddling adventure due to the truck being totaled. We got all the insurance issues cleared up and even got a new truck. We are paddling unsupported. No road crew or truck and camper, just Joe and I with our Kayaks. We…

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Kayak Journey Update: 6/5/17

2 Paddling 5 in Kohler-Andrae State Park.

Saturday (5/27) we started from Wind Point Lighthouse on calm waters and had 2 very nice Harbor crossings, not normal! We also paddled through Milwaukee Harbor and Joe will tell you it wasn’t too bad but I was a nervous paddler. We have had much worse conditions but it was the amount of time it…

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Kohler-Andrae State Park, Sheboygan Wisconsin

Joe Zellner pointing East over Lake Michigan with Peggy Gabrelson at Kohler-Andrae State Park beach near Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

My Name is Vincent Paul. I am Peggy Gabrielson’s son-in-law and the web master for the 2 Paddling 5 website.  I want to share some of my experiences with 2 Paddling 5 over the last few months, why I was excited to be involved and the excellent day we got to spend with Joe and Peggy…

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Kayak Journey Update: 5/26/17

Joe Zellner and Peggy Gabrielson from 2 Paddling 5 on Marquette Park in Miller, Indiana.

Saturday the lake was still a mess so it was another tourist day. We visited Beverly Shores and drove by 5 houses that were built in Chicago for the 1933 Worlds Fair, Century of Progress. In 1935 4 of the houses were moved to the present location by barge and the 5th was dismantled and…

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Kayak Journey Update: 5/19/17

Saugatuck, Michigan sunset.

Saturday we had a job just getting on the water, we tried to launch from Ferrysburg, Michigan where we ended on Friday and it was locked up. We went to the Coast Guard station and there was no place fit to put in a kayak so we ended up at the campground next door and…

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Kayak Journey Update: 5/12/17

Kayaking out of Orchard Beach State Park Michigan on Lake Michigan.

We met another nice couple who have been following our journey. John and Missy, they were also staying at Orchard Beach. We had a great chat, with hopes of meeting up again some day. They dropped off a bag of really yummy and healthy snack cookies for us to take out when we paddle. More…

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Kayak Journey Update: 5/7/17

Point Betsie Lighthouse in Benzie County, Michigan.

Joe and I set out on our own this week, tent camping along the lake like we had planned to do as soon as the weather improved. We started at Leelanau State Park and were surprised to discover that the weather had not improved. Our first night it was quite cold and we woke up…

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Kayak Journey Update: 4/29/17

Norwood Michigan shore.

This week has been an absolute pleasure. We had some great water time, not all calm and easy but productive. We started at the bridge in Mackinaw City, setting out in stirred up waters and assumed it would get better. As always, we made a left turn and things go a bit more interesting. We…

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Kayak Journey Update: 4/11/17

Snow on truck with kayaks on rack.

The past week has had its ups and downs, last Thursday we had rain that turned to snow and wind that riled up the lake and kept us inside. We made slight adjustments to Joe’s boat from the comfort of a hotel, they let us bring the boat inside. Friday the snow was gone but…

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Lunch on the Shore of Lake Huron

2 Paddling 5 lunch on a kayak.

This is what lunch looks like, you would be amazed at how good a tortilla with peanut butter and jelly tastes after paddling 20 miles. Our new friend here is Jim, he came out to greet us and chat…he also offered to keep Izzy for the remainder of our journey. I’m sure she would have…

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